Choice length of the boat<br />

Depending on the type of fishing, a choice will have to be made for the length of the boat. Our experience teaches the following:
2.00 meter: For sailing, feeding and drilling on smaller waters
2.30 meters: For sailing, feeding and drilling on larger waters and also to carry a compact single equipment
2.70 meters: all round boat
3.00 meters: For transporting one or two whole equipments, feeding and drilling with two persons.
3.30 meters: For transporting one or two complete equipments, feeding and drilling with two persons and also suitable for fishing.

Given that our boats are much wider than usual, you can easily choose a smaller model than you are used to.

Airdeck or aluminium floor

The choice for the floor type is usually of personal preference. For the quick completion of the boat a airdeck is in the advantage, in addition a boat with Airdeck weighs less than a variant with an aluminium bottom. An aluminum floor is always hard and cannot leak. Especially when a boat is used for longer sessions we often see a preference for an aluminium floor.

Explanation Airdeck Floor

A airdeck is made up of thousands of polyester threads stitched between two PVC layers. The floor can be pumped at 1 bar by means of a high pressure pump. At all Airdeck boats a special pump is supplied with which the airdeck can be pumped at 1 bar.

300 Air

Explanation Aluminium Floor

An aluminium floor is extremely durable and provides optimal stability. Easy to assemble and maintenance free. All floors are supplied with a corresponding bag in which the floor can be stored separately.

300 Alu


All boats are given a 5 year warranty on the canvas and the seams. The remaining parts are given a 2 year warranty. Please read the instructions carefully in order to make the most of your boat use.

Loose parts
All common parts are available.
Use pressure relief valve

We use pressure relief valves in order to prolong the life of the boats. It is essential that the rooms are opgepomt in a certain order. The first room is always the room in which the pressure relief valve is located. Next, the room that is next to the inflated room opgepomt will be prosecuted by the last room.

Pressure Valve

Buy Electro Motor

We recommend the following combinations:

  • 2.00 meter ICM 30lbs – 35lbs
  • 2.30 meter Boat 35lbs – 45lbs
  • 2.70 Meter Boat 45lbs
  • 3.00 meter Boat 45lbs – 55lbs
  • 3.30 meter Boat 55lbs

Everything depends heavily on what you want to do with the boat:

  • Bring you lots of stuff
  • Fish you on open water or on a river (and so flow)
  • Power consumption of the battery: more advanced electro motors are economical to use but also more expensive to buy

The purchase of an electro motor can be a considerable investment and should therefore be carefully decided.

Purchase battery

Depending on the budget, several batteries can be purchased:

  • Starter batteries, inexpensive but less suitable for use ICM an electro motor
  • Semi-Traction batteries, best-selling battery ICM use an electro motor
  • Gel batteries, suitable for deep discharge and no leakage possible
  • AGM, suitable for electro motors, deep discharge, long service life and no leakage possible
  • Lithium ion, suitable for electro motors and very deep discharge. Disadvantage very pricey but also very light compared to a regular battery
Installation of the boat

Note, use only the supplied pump to inflate your Raptorboat, compressed air can quickly damage the boat! Automatic air pumps with adjustable BAR pressure are also extremely suitable.

  • Make sure that you have enough space to be able to work neatly.
  • Before inflating the boat, make sure that the floor is clean and even. Pay extra attention to sharp objects and remove them.
  • Pump air into the air chambers until they’re half full. Then mount the air deck or aluminium floor first.


  1. Fold the airdeck floor into the semi-pumped boat and make sure the Airdeck is as beautiful and flat as possible beneath the edges of the boat.
  2. Pump the Airdeck floor with air.
  3. If necessary, correct during pumping so that the airdeck is beautiful in the boat.

Please note, a airdeck is meant to be pumped HARD, making the entire boat stable. The supplied pump has a special stand to pump the airdeck to the right pressure. (1 bar)

Aluminium floor:

  1. Place floor Part 1 with a point for in the bow of the half pumped dinghy.
  2. Place the rear floor part against the mirror.
  3. Place the middle part (or parts) where it works the easiest if the rear parts are up against each other as follows:

Check if all other floor parts are properly fitted into the grooves and carefully press the tip down. 

The easiest way to install the aluminium side strips is by sliding them over the floor parts, keeping the slanted side towards the tubes and fitting the profile into the groove.

  • You can now slide the bench on the guide trip and position it in the optimal position
  • Now fill the air chambers alternately, starting with the air chamber with the pressure relief valve, Pressure relief valve, followed by the adjoining room next to the room with the pressure relief valve and last The last room (in case of three rooms
  • Pump last The keel on
  • Put the caps on the valves.
Storage of the boat

Please note, always make sure that the boat is clean and dry before storing it. For tips on storing the boat for a longer period of time, please check the relevant chapter in your manual.

  • Remove valve caps and open the valves by turning them a quarter turn.
  • Disassemble the bench only after the boat is at least one quarter deflated
  • Remove the air deck from the boat, clean it and open the valve.
  • If you have an aluminium floor, please remove the side strips first.
  • Then, mount the floorboards together with the side profiles and the connecting pieces in the supplied “floor bag”
  • Suck out the last bit of air using the supplied pump.
  • Roll up the boat. Start at the rear end of the transom and roll towards the bow (edge). Fold the rear ends inwards, against the transom and pull the tubes towards the middle, so the boat can be stored compactly.
  • Store everything in the supplied bag until your next carp angling session.