Raptor platform XL


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This platform is made from 5 different pieces:

  • 4 airdeck parts of 2.00mtr x 2.00mtr and 20cm thick
  • surrounding tube part with a diameter 50cm


  • handgrips around the tubes
  • upside of airdeck parts are covered with an extra layer of 1.0mm anti slippery material
  • 15 d rings for mounting your own tent
  • surrounding tube part contains 4 air chambers and 2 overpressure valves
  • total weight around 120kg (devided over 5 pieces)
  • Total outside size 5mtr x 5mtr
  • Total inside size 4mtr x 4mtr
  • Carry weight around 100kg per m2
  • repair kit contains: glue, valve key, valves, pressure valves, pvc patches.

To be used for:

  • installation of a bigger two person tent / bivy.

Water drainage:

Water flows through the air decks back to the lake/river.


Highly recommended to use at least 1 but better use 2 high pressure air pumps.


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